Podiatry Treatments & Services

Treatments & Services

At RAYS our podiatrist is a health professional who deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet, ankle and lower limbs.

There are several recognized specialty areas of podiatry including:

General Podiatry Care

General podiatry care encompasses the routine care of feet and nails including, corn and callus debridement, bunions, cracked heel management, dry skin and all nail care. These are non invasive services.

Childrens Feet

The child’s foot is not just a small-scale model of an adult foot. Its shape is not finally determined until growth ceases at the end of the second decade of life. Our Podiatrist provide treatment options and education on a broad range of children specific issues ranging from common problems such as walking issues, footwear and growing pains to more acute problems such as osteochondroses (a group of bone growth diseases).

Podiatric Sports Medicine

Any sport which involves walking, running, standing or jumping places greater physical demands on our body than normal day-to-day activities.

Diabetic Foot Care

High risk feet are feet which have lost feeling (peripheral neuropathy) and/or have poor blood flow (peripheral vascular disease). These feet have typically had a foot ulcer or amputation in the past or are at high risk of developing one in the future. The most common patient population to present with High Risk Feet are patients with Diabetes. Our Podiatrician is highly trained and experienced in high risk foot management and provide the latest in diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, dressings and advice.

Orthotic Therapy

Orthoses are custom-made shoe inserts made specifically to reduce foot or lower limb problems. The prescription and manufacture of orthoses is an important part of podiatric practice. Our podiatrists are well trained in the provision and manufacturing of orthoses. Orthotics may be functional orthoses or accommodative orthoses. Functional orthoses are prescribed after a thorough biomechanical assessment and casting of the feet. Our practice then scans these casts into a computer system which mills the orthoses according to prescription variables proposed by your podiatrist. The aim of these orthoses is to relieve pathological (abnormal) forces acting on structural tissue such as bone and tendon to relieve patient symptoms and improve mechanical efficiency.

Accommodative orthoses are designed specifically to reduce pressure from painful or ulcerated areas of the foot. These are often softer and thicker devices made of foam or rubbers. Palliative orthoses are often used for the treatment of severely deformed feet with a limited range of motion and mobility. They are often an appropriate choice for patients with a history of diabetic foot complications such as a history of ulceration or amputation or for patients with arthritic conditions with significant soft-tissue wasting and/or circulatory disease.

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