Teenage Harmones

Teenage Harmones

Hormones affect so much of a child’s physiology, hormonal imbalance problems tend to be varied and may be difficult to initially pin down. Symptoms can be confused with other body illnesses.

Menopause is usually a natural process. But certain surgical or medical treatments can bring on menopause earlier than expected. These include:

Teenage Hormonal Imbalance:

Many of the symptoms are similar to girls. But depending on the disease, some symptoms of hormonal imbalance in females could include:

  • Precocious puberty
  • Excess facial hair
  • Moodiness
  • Sleep
  • Delayed menstruation

At RAYS depending on the disease, treatment could include hormonal therapy, medication, and diet and exercise. In some cases, especially to remove tumors, radiation treatment or surgery may be recommended.

Hormonal imbalances in children are nothing to be taken lightly. If they’re detected early enough, often the situation can be controlled or remedied.

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