Get relieved from your Diabetes Stress

Stress Management Diabetes

Diabetes is caused and/or aggravated by STRESS. Diabetes in turn cause devastating symptoms and produces STRESS.

One of such symptoms is vertigo or giddiness. This is because of irritation of the sensitive receptor cells in the vestibular apparatus called hair cells. This causes giddiness; especially when we look into depth and develop morbid fear of depth; which we would not feel if our nerves were strong and healthy!

In diabetes there is inability to efficiently use the fuels for the nutrition, especially of our central, autonomic and peripheral nervous system, which begin to degenerate, weaken and become irritable earlier and faster! Hence we suffer from tingling, numbness, needles, pins, burning etc.

Giddiness and/or vertigo can be also due to gastritis. This is usually due to late night parties; because of burning of the inner lining of the stomach. In such cases; we should drink lot of water and induce vomiting by rubbing the palate; which allays the symptoms of giddiness in most instances. It is worthwhile to verify this.

Manage Stress to Help Manage Diabetes

These relaxation techniques are ways to limit stress and the effects of stress in your life. Since stress affects blood glucose levels, people with diabetes should learn how to manage stress in easy, effective ways.

At RAYS we have specialized programs & treatments to overcome Stress & its impact on Diabetes.

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