Smile Correction

Smile Correction

At RAYS Smile Corrections are done with prior “smile assessment”. Our doctor will discuss treatment options that you may have and explain the treatment processes involved.

There are many options open to you if you’re considering a smile makeover at RAYS. Tooth straightening is popular and is a low intensity procedure which can make a huge difference to your teeth and the way they look. You will be fitted with an invisible brace that is easy to put in and take out, and is not noticeable when you’re wearing it. This brace will gradually and gently move your teeth into the correct position, improving your smile.

Another form of cosmetic dentistry which can make up your smile makeover in Hyderabad is teeth whitening. Many people have discoloured teeth due to previous dental work, tobacco, black coffee or other types of staining. With a teeth whitening plan from our doctor at Rays Lifestyle Hospital, Hyderabad, however, you can restore your teeth back to their original whiteness.

No matter how simple or complex your treatment, we will spend the time you need and give you ample appropriate information on every visit. All kinds of treatments can be used to give you a smile makeover. Our doctors will arrange a custom treatment plan to make sure your smile makeover is the treatment plan that suits you best.

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