Holistic Treatment of Diabetes

Holistic Treatment of Diabetes

At RAYS we understand NORMAL physiology before we understand why diabetes is abnormal.

Our blood sugar is controlled to a very narrow range. The normal range of blood glucose is 70-100 mg/dL.

We treat for various conditions like:

  • When Blood sugar <70
  • Blood sugar >100
  • Type 1 – this type of diabetes is due to an absolute deficiency of insulin. It is most often caused by an autoimmune destruction of the β-cells in the pancreas.
  • Type 2 – this type is due to an inadequate amount of insulin due to insulin resistance
  • We treat for various conditions like:
  • We treat for various conditions like:

We will check following with Diabetes

  • Nephropathy – since diabetes can affect the kidneys, you should have a urine test (microalbumin/creatinine ratio) to make sure your kidneys are working correctly. This test is looking for small amounts of protein leaking into the urine.
  • Retinopathy – you should see an eye doctor every year to have a diabetic eye examination
  • Neuropathy – you should check your feet daily looking for any lesions, redness, or injuries. You should also have your feet checked with a monofilament exam (in the clinic) at least once per year.
  • Diabetes is a coronary artery disease equivalent (meaning diabetics are at the same risk of heart attacks as someone who has already had one). Therefore, you should have your cholesterol checked. The goals for your labs (and blood pressure – 130/85) are slightly different than for non-diabetics.
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