Diabetes Education

Diabetic Screening

Diabetes is with you 24/7, knowing what to do to keep it in control is one of the pillars of care. At RAYS our diabetes educators give you the practical tools and knowledge you need to fit diabetes into your life.
RAYS provides you with an individualized pathway of care based on your particular needs. It is about empowering you to self-manage the day-to-day care of your diabetes.

At RAYS we follow below Principles of Patient Diabetes Education:

  • The person with diabetes is the center of her/his healthcare team.
  • People with diabetes live multifaceted lives with competing demands that influence their diabetes self-care.
  • People living with diabetes make complex self-care decisions everyday.
  • Family and other support systems strongly influence diabetes self-care.
  • People with diabetes learn ideas and concepts that they perceive as important.
  • Learning occurs when the individuals are engaged.
  • Learning is a process that requires reinforcement and flexibility.

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