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About Us

Rays Lifestyle Hospital is a unique and one of its kind concept,designed with a single purpose in mind –how to enhance the quality of life of an urban citizen, such as yourself.

Our endeavour here, is to not just treat urban lifestyle disorders, but to also prevent them. That is why, we strive to provide coordinated and comprehensive programs for individuals with, or at risk for, chronic health troubles such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Heart disease, Pain management for joint pain and other chronic pain , dental disorders and many others caused by our modern lifestyles.

With the best medical minds and technologies, while being backed with the finest Operation theatres and ICU support, we have a comprehensive day care surgery unit and a dedicated Bariatrics.

All these reasons and more has made us the forerunner in combating lifestyle disorders, and for providing the best in medicare,both clinical and non-clinical and Cosmetic Surgery team.


We at Rays, endeavour to deliver the best care to our patients and their families. Care which is not only medical but also empathetic.


  • To build meaningful relationships with our patients, staff and the community.
  • To be a preferred employer for our medical and paramedical staff and to provide equal opportunity for all our employees.
  • To be renowned for Clinical Excellence and Innovation


The personal needs and lifestyle of each client are considered separately,so that a tailored program can be created for each individual.

Our interdisciplinary team of disease management specialists include specialists in various disciplines, physiotherapists, clinical dieticians,certified diabetes educators, behavioural health specialists, counsellors,and pharmacists. These specialists work in collaboration with each individual and their healthcare providers to reduce health risks and enhance their quality of life.

As we are dedicated to providing advanced and compassionate care, our biggest goal is to raise awareness, and provide tools in the management of health issues for patients, families and the community, to create a healthier and happier world.

With us, you can expect a relaxing atmosphere, with a friendly team staff and doctors, who all care about your personal well-being.

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